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The diving here is excellent compared to other places in Cuba. The coral reef, one of the largest in Cuba, is less than 2 miles offshore, with over 34 dive sites. Divers can expect to see a wide variety of groupers, snappers, lots of lobsters and crabs, long- spine porcupinefish, angelfish, trunkfish, and much more. You will visit a shipwreck and see some remains of a Spanish fort from colonial times. One famous wreck dive site is often visited by a few bull sharks that have been accustomed to divers. Definitely bring your GoPro to show off to your friends you went diving with these majestic bull sharks.



This tropical island in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, off central Cuba is a vast ribbon of coral reef shelters a rich array of colorful marine life. Popular dive sites surround Cayo Media Luna, a tiny island just north of Playa Pilar. The sea of Cayo Guillermo is calm with beautiful crystal clear turquoise blue water. Its coral reef is extended over more than 32km. Most of it is 10 meters deep, thus forming coral “bands”. There are many and well-developed sponges, gorgonians, and corals, but the main attraction is the variety of fish (black groupers and nassau groupers, dog snappers, mutton snappers, and shoals of gray snappers, schoolmasters and yellowtail snappers, and in some season, big eagle rays).

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The area to scuba dive is primarily concentrated in the Baconao Park Zone, with the exception of Chivirico to the west where diving is excellent from Sierra Mar. Sixteen dive sites are in the immediate vicinity of the location of the former Bucanero hotel. There are thirteen more sites in front of Daiquiri Beach. In the eastern end of the park there are at least 6 more notable sites accessed via the Sigua center. Characteristics of the area include the formation of large coral crags that communicate through tunnels and narrow channels. There are large fish, crustaceans and mollusks. The bottoms hold shipwrecks where you can personally feed enormous groupers. A fleet of 5 Sunken Spanish and 2 US naval ships and the Underwater Archaeological Park / National Monument are the main attraction in the Sierra Mar dive center.



Coral gardens and incredible rock formations are just offshore from lovely Varadero. Head to the Coral Negro wreck, the Neptuno wreck or the Caribe wreck, all of which make for some great photographs and memories to take home. There are even a couple of caves to explore during your time on Varadero. Check out the cenote as well as the El Brinco Cave. A bit farther out is Cayo Piedra and several other small islands and islets. Some of the best, most unspoiled diving can be accomplished out here, mere meters from the tip of the peninsula. The rich waters near the peninsula bring incredible marine life to Varadero. You can see all sorts of reef fish, as well as small sharks. Rays and eels can be spotted here near the reefs. Dolphins frolic offshore, and whales can sometimes be seen in season.

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